Having to take your iPhone in for repair can cost a pretty penny. Luckily, if you don’t mind a quick and easy project you can save yourself some serious coin. Ashley’s phone was recently giving us fits, suddenly turning off as if it was dead when it still had 20-40% battery left. Even though she goes most of the day not knowing where her phone is, the idea of an unreliable phone not working when she actually does need it wasn’t something we wanted to mess with! So, it was time to replace the battery.

I planned to replace it myself, but was curious what it would cost to take it to the pros. According to the Apple website, a new battery will set you back $79. Yikes! A quick search online led me to a great DIY repair guide at iFixit – an awesome site with guides and kits for fixing anything from cars to toasters. With a little more searching I found my repair kit on eBay. A new battery and all the tools needed to do the job (plus a few extras), just $6.89 shipped! I was able to swap out the battery in about 15 minutes for less than 10% of the cost of taking it to the store! So, if your phone is in need of a new battery or you’re just curious what the inside of an iPhone looks like, check out the process below:



STEP ONE: REMOVE BACK PANEL After turning off the power to your device, use the 5-point pentalobe screwdriver to remove the two screws on the bottom edge of the phone next to the charging port. Slide the back panel toward the top of the phone (about 2mm) and carefully lift and remove the panel from the phone


STEP TWO: DISCONNECT THE BATTERY Remove the two screws from the battery connector using the Phillips screwdriver. Be sure to note the position of each for reassembly – the lower screw (blue circle) is slightly longer than the upper (yellow circle). The small, black grounding clip (left image, yellow arrow) is attached with the upper screw and sits under the connector. This piece is small, so be sure not to lose it when removing the connector. Using the plastic opening tool, gently pull the connector (silver plate) off of the contact, being careful to only pull the connector so you do not damage the contact beneath (right image, yellow arrow).


STEP THREE: REMOVE THE BATTERY Use the plastic opening tool to pry the battery up, placing the tool between the right side of the battery and outer frame of the phone (arrows). There is a lot of adhesive holding the battery in place, so you will need to gently pry from several points to detach the battery and lift it out of the case.


STEP FOUR: INSTALL NEW BATTERY AND REASSEMBLE Set the new battery into the case and press firmly in place. Reassemble the phone following the instructions in reverse order, making sure all components are in the correct place and properly aligned.

Now, go enjoy that extra $70 you’ve got in your pocket! If you have any cool DIY tech tips we’d love to hear about them.

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