A few weeks ago, I was bummed because Mya and I were not feeling well and I had to miss a girls’ night out with the neighbor gals. It would’ve been my first experience with a BYOB painting party and I had been excited about it for weeks. Derek picked up on the disappointment and suggested that we have a painting “party” of our own. (We are using the term “party” pretty loosely here, as it only meant us two painting on our living room floor!) But we had never done anything like this before and it was fun to collaborate with paint and create something together. We went with an ocean-theme and each separately drew an idea of what we envisioned. Then we revealed our plans to each other and combined our visions into one entity: “Cliver the Diver”– fully equipped with our must-haves:


With some paint, a thick black Sharpie marker, a canvas, (perhaps some inspiration from Chris Vance?!), and working off-and-on four different nights, our guy was complete.


We knew in the beginning where he was going to live: our half bathroom. The small space is long and narrow– conducive to the 1′ x 5′ canvas that we had on-hand.


This fun little project tells me that we’re missing the beach– excited to one day take Mya and play in the sand. But until then, we stayed local and went to a tropical fish store: Picasso Exotic Aquatics.

Mya was mesmerized by all the vibrant colors and quick movements of the fish darting about the tanks. Oh, and she has a pretty solid fish face.


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