Time for another project | product update! But first, lemme just apologize for my frantic Mommy post regarding Mya’s hives. The blood test came back totally fine– she’s not allergic to nuts or coconut. So we have no idea what caused that lil’ episode. I’ll try to keep my worrisome Mommy posts under wraps from now on. #PullYourselfTogetherMom!

One of Mya’s catchphrases is “More Cheese!” The girl can’t get enough. (She is definitely her Daddy’s daughter.) But Derek’s recent catchphrase has been “More Mulch!” Luckily, I think we’re finally done with the free mulch beds for the year. Five truckloads and a lot of manual labor later and we’re calling it good. There’s still some rock edging to be done, but we’re happy with this year’s progress.


Welp. It didn’t take long for our lil’ adventurer to get grease on her silky white flower girl shoes. On one of our nightly walks-around-the-block, Mya picked up some residual petroleum. At the time, it wasn’t so awesome. But since I basically have the most resourceful hubby on the planet, he made them look better than new! Here’s how he cleaned black grease out of white silk!


Derek said the baking soda didn’t appear to do much, but maybe it helped with the later instructions; so he wouldn’t skip that step altogether. The only thing he did differently was scrub the dish soap in with a soft toothbrush. He totally saved the day!


(Kudos to “The Office” fan who can tell us who said, “Grey, dark grey, charcoal”!) A few weeks ago, we asked our facebook followers which color frames to hang on our newly painted blue wall. The options were black, grey, or white.




It was a unanimous “grey,” so we went with the Ribba high gloss grey frames from Ikea. The grey is dark enough to highlight themselves against the blue wall, but soft enough to blend in with some lighter surrounding objects. And they ended up matching our ottoman perfectly! We were originally planning on six frames, but when we got them home we decided three was plenty.


We selected three photos and printed them at Costco– a 12″ x 18″ print is only $2.99! To allow myself some wiggle room, I cut the photos down to 12″ x 12″ to fit the 11.5″ x 11.5″ framed mat. Then I used painters’ tape to secure picture corners to back of mat, so the photo would not slide around when reattaching the frame’s back. Also, the Ikea frames came with some assembly required: attaching the wire to the back of the frame. Flat-nose pliers seemed to work the best for me. The first frame took me a good 20 minutes, but by the third one it only took me 4 minutes 7 seconds. Yeah, I had Derek time me. Please hold the applause.


Remember how I instructed to brace yourself for a floral explosion? (As “Flowers” are the theme of Mya’s 2nd birthday party?) Not much worth mentioning has happened in the way of party planning, except for acquiring this beauty: a complete guide to making paper flowers. So far, I’ve only made a stem. (Flower tape is a bit*@.) But the book is full of great step-by-step pictures; and if I can make some fake florals look half as good as Livia Cetti, then I’ll call it a success.


Storytime at the library started up again this season and Mya couldn’t be more thrilled. It is one of our weekly activities and she loves to sing and dance and listen to stories. This clip is from a couple months ago, but I find myself watching it at night before bed because it makes me super happy. The end gets me every time. Watch out for a squeak 1:23 minutes in… and her overzealous applause at the end.

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